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We at Lines and Paper would love for you to reignite that #creative spark and love our products the way we do. What better way than to invite you into the joy of making them?

Each ✨LP Card Pack✨ has 2 cards, 2 blank envelopes, and an Art Pack with more than enough material for #collaging both cards. All art materials are #handmade and vary between pack to pack. No two sets are identical.

*Please note: you will be sent one at random which will vary from the pictured one above.*

This is a great way to unwind, share an afternoon with a loved one, or if art is intimidating to you, to challenge yourself to try something new. 🙏

They’re also fantastic gifts, either as the packs themselves or individual cards after you’ve put them together. 🧡

LP Card Packs

  • Each Card Pack’s collaging materials includes 1 floral drawing, a variety of acrylic abstract art pieces, text pieces, and miscellaneous watercolour pieces as well.

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