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Thank you for supporting this ever-evolving stationary obsession. Origin story below.

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One day, I realized that art can be sold. It was that simple. Sell a piece of art to someone else. Make money. Make more art. Repeat. What can I say? Simplicity is often covered in confusion. Following this revelation, I launched two art shows.


Art Show #1

Paintings Sold: 7

Money lost: $20

Not bad! Almost broke even.


Art Show #2

Paintings Sold: 2

Money Lost: $200


Oh well. A necessary risk for experience gained.




No more art shows. One guess why.


Later in 2020


I had too many paintings. I loved making cards. I cut up my paintings and put them onto cards. I'd been honing my card making for years. They always looked good. Now, they looked amazing.




I was laid off. I had time. By the fall, I'd created a website that was ready. Ish. It didn't feel ready, but it had the necessary components. It was ready enough. And... A few people bought cards! Amazing!!!

2022 - 2023


Very few people bought cards. Gotta step it up.


Welcome to Lines and Paper 3.0



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