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  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! The farther you are from Canada the costlier it will be, but luckily our products are small and quite light so it shouldn't be too much of a shock at checkout.
  • Why are these cards so costly?
    You can go anywhere and get a mass printed card. That's fine. I buy those too sometimes. They're beautiful and come in bigger packs, or you can mix-and-match the cards you like for your correspondence needs. Each card at Lines and Paper, however, is handmade and irreplaceable. They are not designed and then printed in groups of 500. There's nothing wrong with that, but these simply aren't that. There's a high level of attention to detail that goes into each card, and a degree of craftmanship as well. It's real paint, real paper, and real creativity in each one. That's why they're not eight bucks.
  • Are there refunds or exchanges?
    Refunds, no. Exchanges and store credit, possibly. If you receive a product that is somehow damaged or flawed, please contact us and we will review the situation.
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