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Social Media Marketing As Freedom

Yes, Making Instagram Reels Can Be Fun.


It's been FIVE WEEKs of having a blast making content for Lines and Paper, and it's taken me years to feel comfortable enough to do this. I'm only getting started. What joy to enjoy what one once feared!

It's Terrifying and Ridiculous to do Anything Public.

As noted by Sabotage Queen in this great post "showing up in front of an IG audience of 2,003 and only 2.5 people [clapping] feels scary." UH YESS. It's terrifying to do any of this. OF COURSE IT'S TERRIFYING. Luckily I'm a freak and enjoy the horror of self-expression. Although really, we're here to express ourselves. Everything is expression. Architecture, medicine, coding, horticulture, everything is an internal curiosity or intention pushed outward.

SEO is Weird

I used a blog template for this. I think SEO is amazing and that we live in an incredible time where we can leverage technology to help us make money however we damn want. But, I do need to learn to adapt my writing style and sensibilities to suit the demands of the Internet Gods.

I am, however, hopeful.

Are you scared of building a business and sharing what you're all about? Follow along. I'm scared too. Together, we can figure it out. Digital handholding got me to where I am. Let me hold your hand.


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